What’s in the Shops: OO gauge 10t bogie ‘Carflat’ wagon

Nigel Burkin takes a look at the first diesel and electric era wagon from Oxford Rail, which is now widely available in the shops.

Released in August 2017, the 57ft long BR ‘Carflat’ wagon (sometimes referred to as a carriage truck in some official documents) is the first item of period diesel era freight wagon offered by Oxford Diecast under its Oxford Rail brand.

The original vehicles were converted from various redundant coaching stock between 1959 and the early 1970s to cater for a growth in automotive traffic and latterly the BR Motorail service. Rebuilding saw the utilisation of the underframes, bogies and brake equipment while the coach bodies were scrapped. A wooden deck was installed fitted with safety rails together with a mix of hinged ends and removable sides depending on the type of wagon.

Wheel chocks are supplied with each model – 16 in total – which is enough for a load of eight cars.

The Oxford Rail version is based on former LMS coaches which had a 57ft long underframe and were equipped with vacuum brakes and 9ft bogies.

They were converted between 1964 and 1968 to BR Diagram 1/088 (other types converted from different coach underframes were issued with different diagram numbers). Two of the six models are featured in this review: No. B748735 in pristine BR bauxite livery and B745900 in weathered condition.

Six models are currently available in the shops, comprising:

No. B748748 (OR76CAR001) pristine BR bauxite livery.

No. B748735 (OR76CAR001B) pristine BR bauxite livery.

No. B745900 (OR76CAR002) faded BR bauxite livery.

No. B745893 (OR76CAR002B) faded BR bauxite livery.

No. B745684 (OR76CAR003) BR Motorail.

No. B745758 (OR76CAR003B) BR Motorail.

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