What’s in the Shops: Bachmann OO gauge ‘Standard’ 16t mineral wagons

A runner pack of three weathered and rusted 16t mineral wagons with stone loads is due to hit the shops shortly, writes Nigel Burkin.

A lovely set of three Bachmann 16t mineral wagons with stone loads (37-237) is set for release in early winter, finished with unique weathering and rusting features.

The models are based on the once-numerous Diagram 1/108 wagon which was built between 1951 and 1959 by various builders including Butterley, Metro Cammell, Pressed Steel, Cravens and BRCW to mention a few.

Of all-steel construction, the Diagram 1/108 16t mineral wagon was regarded as the ‘standard’ mineral wagon with side doors complete with top flat together with an end door. The wagons were used on a wide variety of mineral traffic flows.

An attractive ‘runner pack’ of three 16t mineral wagons with different running numbers will be a welcome addition for late steam-era modellers. Each model features different rusting, weathering effects and markings.

The most common use was for coal – from domestic coal flows to industrial and power station coal flows.

The Bachmann model represents the ‘typical’ 16t wagon with welded body and doors, including the top flat over-the-side doors.

The underframe is the correctly modelled 9ft wheelbase design and features oil axle boxes and spindle buffers.

Each model is ‘unfitted’ in that there are no train brakes, just simple brake linkages on one side of each wagon referred to as ‘Morton’ brakes.

The design was low-cost but rugged with many 16t mineral wagons from this era being rebuilt and modified to extend their operational lives and to upgrade the brakes.

Repairs and conversions saw them fitted with new bodies; different buffers and axle boxes, and even some variation in the design of the side doors.

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