We can take things too seriously, you know!

I’d like to reply to the various critics of TV’s The Biggest Little Railway in the World (March issue).

First and foremost I think we have to accept that TV programmes are made more for entertainment than education. Statements about ‘perils’ and ‘potential failure’ are used invariably to ensure a ‘cliff-hanger’ to ensure continued viewer support for the next episode.

Star of the TV programme The Biggest Little Railway in the World, Silver Lady attended a recent garden railway exhibition in Peterborough (see pages 24-26).

As a returnee to model railways – or ‘toy trains’ as my daughter has it – I would not expect any less in the way of slights. For the last 30 years I have been playing with ex-military vehicles (including a DUKW) and was often labelled as ‘Action Man’, more to do with my height than level of activity!

I thought the programme was interesting, and having met one of the participants I am aware that his models are brilliant and feature elements of his sense of humour – surely another essential quality for hobbyists.

Is there not a danger that all this is taken too seriously? While it could be argued that the programme-makers made a few mistakes, even Mr Brunel had his share of them!

Martin Cross, Newhaven

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