The peace of a country churchyard

Pete Kelly applies the finishing touches to St Ann’s Churchyard on his N-gauge ‘Meadowsweet’ layout.

The churchyard surrounding the Metcalfe kit-built St Ann’s Church on my rural N-gauge ‘Meadowsweet’ layout is the main focus of this month’s ‘Finishing Touches’.

With the Metcalfe grey stone church kit came an intricate lich-gate, or roofed gateway to the churchyard beneath which the coffin (‘lich’ meaning ‘corpse’) traditionally awaited the arrival of the clergyman.

On each side of the gate protrudes a small length of church wall, so the first job was to create a wall of the same thickness to completely surround the churchyard.

Woodland Scenics N-gauge gravestones complete St Ann’s Churchyard.

This was simply a matter of cutting out strips of plain grey card to exactly the same height of the lich-gate side walls, working out how many strips had to be glued together to make the required thickness, including of course the card-printed grey stone outer strips, and finishing off by adding the wall capping – once again just plain grey card strips painted appropriately to match those on each side of the lich-gate.

It was only during a recent visit to Caistor Loco in Lincolnshire (my ‘local’ model shop that’s a mere 30 miles away!) that I realised gravestones were available in N scale.

On a hooked revolving display I noticed a new range of ready-painted OO and N human figures, animals, rowing boats and so on from Woodland Scenics (distributed in the UK by Bachmann) and one of the small bubble-wrapped items (Tombstones N Scale A2164) containing 11 pieces was just what I’d been looking for.

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