Pocket money project: ScaleScenes’ bridge kits

This month Ian Lamb turns his attention to downloadable builds and sets his friend a construction challenge…

Apart from the fact that for most modellers any fund money should be spent on things you can’t create, there is much more fun in creating something personal from an economic kit.

The ScaleScenes’ Arched Bridge kit comes in sheet form to be cut out using scissors or a craft knife, folded to shape and stuck on to card, reinforced wherever possible to give strength and longevity. Only two adhesives were used, PVA for the printed sheets to card, and UHU for securing the main structure and supports.

Bridge clearance test.

The ScaleScenes downloadable model kits business was started in 2005 by John Wiffen, an experienced graphic designer and keen model railway enthusiast, with the aim of reducing the cost of building substantial numbers of the same kit – such as terraced houses and retaining walls – and also to provide a range of
material finishes that could be used to adapt parts of the kits to suit alternative locations.

Don’t just use any paper for printing downloads, and also be aware that colour deterioration can happen over time. Discuss the matter with your stationery outlet for relevant advice on this matter. Smart Models produces specific paper for this purpose.

In terms of general modelling, such a source is invaluable as ‘spares’ can be used in case of mistakes and the error can easily be replaced. The ‘sting in the tail’, however, is that this source is more likely to appeal to the experienced modeller who has already created quite a few conventional card kit models, where most of the ‘difficult’ work – such as cutting square – has already been carried out, leaving the modeller to simply push out the pieces, trim up and construct. The attention to detail is simply outstanding, and the instructions are among the best available. There is always the danger when you have been building kits for more than half a century, as I have, to forget what it was like to start off.

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