MARCH 2018

From the Editor

Early this year a minister for loneliness was appointed as a way to continue the work of murdered MP Jo Cox. On the surface this seems like a lovely and laudable idea, but I find it rather saddening that modern society seems to engender loneliness, and not just in older generations, but also with first-time mums, carers or people of any age who live on their own.

This subject was touched upon at a visit I made this month to the Sutton Coldfield Railway Society, when one member gestured round the room while talking about the camaraderie and friendship that came with belonging to the group.

I visited on a track night busy with people chatting over cups of tea and biscuits while running their locos on the club’s multi-track ring. I left at the end of the evening feeling that I’d been welcomed into something special.

Not all modellers like the idea of joining clubs, but it seemed to me, with this one, that it was the unadvertised extras that came with membership; the trips, the chance to chat about guest speakers and exchange knowledge or get involved with their annual exhibition that would seem to be a fantastic advert for the hobby, and also an antidote to loneliness. You can read all about my trip on page 14.

Elsewhere if the hopefully warmer weather has got you wanting to go outdoors and maybe do some gardening, then Howard Leader’s article on page 26 is something to read, as he talks about how looking at real-life gardens can help you to create better model gardens.

The first Thursday in the month is Track and Chit Chat night at Sutton Coldfield Railway Society. See page 14

I’ve seen the work he did on Spalding MRC’s Gosberton layout and it’s stunning in its intricacy. I almost felt as though I was standing by a breeze-blown washing line with summer flowers being pollinated by bees. Sometimes I think the sheer artistry involved in modelling is overlooked.

Sarah Palmer, Editor

In last month’s editorial I asked for your responses to The Biggest Little Railway in the World and in RMM Letters on page 24 we have your takes on the show, which made for fascinating reading. We’ve also got a feature on ready-to-run by new to RMM writer Matthew Bradshaw, as well as the latest instalment of Blast from the Past featuring Jouef.

We must apologise for the late delivery of last month’s issue, but we were pleased with how many people got in touch to let us know they were missing their issue. It’s lovely to know we have so many keen RMM readers!

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