Layouts We Love

My wife Pauline and I have built an exhibition layout with buildings, locomotives, wagons, carriages, people, road vehicles and some of the track, all original Airfix products with added scenery to enhance the look, writes Terry Brooks.

This layout is based on the Airfix railway system. The company began in 1939 and the first construction kit, a Ferguson tractor, was produced in 1949.

In 1957 Airfix started production of 00 building construction kits, most are shown on the layout. In 1975 the company decided to enter the model railway market. All engines and many of the wagons and coaches are used on the layout. Most engines had five-pole motors, the track was code 100, made under an agreement by Peco, and as early as 1976 Airfix offered a multi-train system using a chip in the loco allowing several engines to be run at the same time.

The layout is 11ft long including fiddle yard, and a foot wide. It runs on a DC system and requires two operators. The layout can be seen at the Bury St Edmunds show on Saturday, September 9.

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