From the editor

This month saw Channel 4 air Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds. The idea of taking a group of pre-schoolers into a retirement home is not a new one as it was imported from America, but it made for lovely viewing.

It brought to mind the number of letters and emails I’ve had from grandparents who are building model railways with their grandchildren and the resulting enjoyment the hobby has brought to both parties.

In modern busy lives there often isn’t the intergenerational mixing that there was years ago, but as this programme was testimony there is so much to be had by both young and old when it does occur.

Happily modelling railways is one of those hobbies that allows older generations to pass on knowledge, and younger generations to come up with new ideas to the benefit of both.

And talking of new ideas and encouraging youngsters into the hobby, in this month’s Ask a Daft Question RMM reader Laurie Calvert has sent in his unique sci-fi take on encouraging the next generation of modellers; it’s out of this world!

We’ve also got a feature on the many faces of Flying Scotsman, the engine that’s fast becoming a railway icon for all generations.

Tony Stratford has also written some advice for those who may have modelled railways in their younger years, but are now wanting to return to it later in life and finding that it seems to have changed somewhat!

Sarah Palmer, Editor