From the Editor

After 18 months in the driving seat of RMM, I’m disembarking at the station and waving the train goodbye, as it leaves the platform in a puff of smoke and an optimistic whistle with a new driver in the cab.

Setting up and editing RMM has been a fantastic experience, and something I’m immensely proud of. Each month we get so much positive feedback about how much you love the publication, and I’m hoping that will continue as RMM travels along the rails without me.

Your new driver will be Pete Kelly, a OO and N-gauge modeller who has edited Steam Railway and The Railway Magazine and established Rail Enthusiast in 1983.

The publication works just as it is, with its mix of nostalgia, modelling, how-tos and reviews, so you’ll hopefully still enjoy reading this monthly publication, but if there’s something
else you’d like to see then please get
in touch.

Pete can be contacted through, so if you would like to see your layouts featured in Layouts We Love, or you’d like to nominate a local model shop to be featured, I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

This month we have another Blast from the Past from Tony Stratford in the form of Fleischmann, starting on page 14, as well as a how-to from Nigel Burkin on basic coach lighting, starting on page 18.

We’ve got a full letters bag on page 22, with more feedback on The World’s Biggest Little Railway as well as some nostalgia and appeals for help.

Our Inspiration Pages feature Darryl Foxwell and his First World War layout. He’s included some great photos along with plenty of advice and some recommended reading material if you’re planning a WW1 layout in this centenary year since the end of the conflict. Turn to page 26 to read more.

This month’s Layouts We Love is from a reader who takes his Playmobil layout to exhibitions in order to attract more youngsters into the hobby. You can read all about it on page 34.

Sarah Palmer,