From the Editor

This month I’ve heard a couple of people commenting on what inspires a layout to be built with someone describing modelling as encapsulating an experience.

And when I went to visit Spalding MRC, its secretary was talking about the differences between what younger and older members wanted to model, with steam being popular with older members who remember it and diesel layouts being what the juniors want to create, as it’s what they know.

Turn to page 14 to read more about this visit. This got me thinking about train travel in my car-less childhood, where family holidays down to Norfolk were taken on diesels.

To this day when I travel by train I panic about missing a connection, haunted as I am by the sight of my dad dragging our one family suitcase (those were the days!) over a footbridge as we huffed and puffed to not miss our train.

Being BR days I can remember that during one near-miss my mother was eternally grateful as the train was held for us to clamber aboard. My dad used to pass comment on the passengers who would alight at each station, making a comment about Spalding that tickled my brother and I as we sat in our compartments with overhead netted racks for our bags.

Even now when travelling on preserved lines the feel of a certain upholstery, the sound of a train window being pulled shut, or the rhythm of a diesel engine takes me back to those happy days, and my dad. I’d love to hear more about the stories and memories that inspired your layouts.

This month we’ve got lots of interesting features including Tony Stratford’s on Mainline Railways – his pieces on famous names always seems popular and bring back lots of memories.

If you’ve always fancied trying your hand at weathering then Graeme Simmonds has some great advice on airbrushing and cleaning your kit while we have Ian Lamb on page 38 trying out simple printed kits on a friend to see how easy it actually is to build an arched bridge.

As the exhibition season gets into full swing as the nights pull in we’ve also got a story on what makes a good show, and what to think about if you’re thinking of taking your layout to your first one.

Sarah Palmer, Editor