Fill your freight yards with new Bachmann vans

Nigel Burkin takes a look at goods vans now available in OO gauge.

Three OO-gauge models of air-braked general merchandise vans, together with a specialised wagon type derived from an air-braked van, have been released to the shops in recent months by Bachmann.

The models cover several eras including the first introduction of long-wheelbase sliding wall vans in the form of a 1970s condition VAB van together with later versions of the VDA and VGA vans.

Recent wagon releases by Bachmann include a variety of models based on air-braked general-merchandise vans or their derivatives. A VAB van in 1970s and VDA van in 1980s condition are now available in the shops.

A model representing the VDA van as rebuilt to OTA timber wagons is included in this round-up of new Bachmann wagon models based on sliding wall goods vans.

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