Iwata airbrush work station accessories

Nigel Burkin looks at some useful tools for your painting booth.

Excellent spray painting results can be achieved by novice modellers with a little care and practice, using budget airbrushes and compressors.

The author’s painting area is located in a tool shed, well away from the domestic environment. Nonetheless, care is taken to protect it from overspray using a spray booth, filters and extractor. A spray-out pot does much to control the overspray of solvents and paint from airbrush cleaning. The Iwata universal spray-out pot may be attached to the airbrush stand for neatness and convenience.

All it takes is a little practice to learn how an airbrush works and how to use it to apply paint evenly and consistently without runs, dust or other imperfections. Part of the process of learning how to paint is setting up a suitable place for safe airbrushing, equipped with work station tools that will do much to make the task of painting models easier and safer.

Safety is an important concern when applying any type of paint, even water-based acrylic paints. Furthermore, an airbrush is a delicate piece of equipment which should be carefully housed between bouts of spraying during a painting session.

Due care has to be taken when cleaning an airbrush out between colours and when the spraying session is complete. The fumes from solvents and cleaners must not be allowed to spread around the room as overspray.

A vent and filters allow air to escape from the glass pot during cleaning operations. The pot is of strong glass and this is fitted to a rubberised sleeve to protect it from breakage.

Finally, the airbrush must be carefully cleaned after spraying and all moving parts kept in good working order. The Iwata work station range of accessories has been designed to make spraying work easier, safer and cleaner.

The Iwata universal airbrush stand is designed to clamp to a table top and support two airbrushes safely when they are not in use. Why would you have two airbrushes in use at any one time? For different spraying techniques or simply for colour blending on one work piece with each loaded with different colours of paint. To do that, there has to be somewhere to dock one airbrush while the other is being used and the stand is the perfect solution.

Airbrush stand

Looking after an airbrush includes having a safe place to stow the airbrush between spraying bouts. The Iwata airbrush stand is designed to be fitted to the edge of the desk or table being used as a spraying work station.

The clamp is a screw fitting that will allow the stand to be secured to a table or work bench top up to three inches thick.

If the trigger lever sticks, use Iwata lubricant to ease things along – it is free of silicone and non toxic – it will not attack the rubber O-rings fitted to most airbrushes.

It has hangers for two airbrushes, which are designed to hold them safely ,without the risk of them being pulled off the stand.

The hangers are designed to allow any type of airbrush to be securely held in place including those with side feed cups, bottom feed and trigger handles – they can be adjusted to suit your particular airbrush.

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