APT-E – Revolution Trains’ announcement

Revolution Trains – the company set up to use crowdfunding methods to bring niche models to the British model railway market – is to offer the iconic APT-E prototype train in N gauge.

The model will be manufactured by Rapido Trains of Canada, whose model of the same train in 00 was voted 2016 Model of the Year.

In the first instance Revolution is seeking expressions of interest, since while the APT-E is a stylish and iconic train, it may not enjoy enough support to be commercially viable as a model.

Ben Ando from Revolution Trains said: “For many railway modellers, this train still feels like the future even though it last ran at speed more than 40 years ago. There was only one, and only four cars, so in some ways it is the perfect ‘rule 1’ model and we are hoping that will be enough to ensure it reaches minimum order numbers.

“Exact specifications (including whether or not it will tilt) will not be known until we begin serious design work.” The price is likely to be similar to the £225 of the OO model. www.revolutiontrains.com.

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