A fascinating layout… but it needs support!

Dear RMM

I have recently discovered RMM, having had a copy thrust into my hand by my local model shop in Hunstanton, and enjoy the content.

But, oh dear, I’m afraid we shall have to disappoint Paul Steels and issue an enforcement notice on New Street TMD. 

We cannot have an excavation that deep with unsupported sides, especially with two operatives in the excavation. I

t is, indeed, a fascinating layout, even if I have to say, tongue in cheek, that the excavation requires some planking and strutting!

Which just goes to show, that while the hobby has a reputation for being occasionally spoilt by rivet counters, criticism of the scenic aspects is probably one of the least-expected things. I have my model railway in the garden, to save me having to engage in much scenic modelling!

Ian Watts, via email

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