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GRS was started in 1984 by Michael Adamson because of the amount of interest shown in his own garden railway over the previous three years. The business started by concentrating on G Scale and 16mm railways, but has since widened its specialities to include Gauge’s 1 & 3, as well as 5 inch ride-on locos and rolling stock. We have always been of the opinion that a firm that specialises in a particular niche is much more appreciated by the modelling public.

GRS caters for ‘G Scale Narrow Gauge’ (1:22.5 scale, 45mm gauge), ‘G Scale Standard Gauge’ (1:22.5 scale, 63.5mm gauge), Gauge 1 (1:32 scale 45mm gauge), 5 inch gauge ride-on and ‘16mm Narrow Gauge’ (1:19 scale, 32mm gauge) garden railways. We offer the largest range of products in the UK together with helpful advice and service, which we consider essential for good customer relations.

Our website ( and worldwide mail order service is available for those clients who cannot visit. Besides stocking catalogues from the major manufacturers, GRS publishes its own catalogues covering the products manufactured by the company. A Quarterly newsletter with Secondhand list is available online or in print, sent with orders. You can also view catalogues via the website.

We appreciate the pleasure of constructing, owning and operating a garden railway and so to all those who are starting their own system from scratch , and others who are extending and improving their garden railway systems, we extend a warm welcome to you when you visit our large showroom in Princes Risborough. The showroom covers an area of over 1000sq.ft. devoted entirely to a display of G Scale garden railways.

In G45 there are extensive stocks available of locomotives, rolling stock, track, both set and flexi types, buildings and accessories from all over the world covering American and European prototypes. All the major manufacturers are represented in our stock inventories. However GRS have not stopped there and have taken note of customer feedback. British Outline has been asked for many times and because of this interest over the years GRS has developed extensive ranges of its own products for the scale in British Outline. These have proved to be extremely popular. The products have included many types of locos and rolling stock in kit form.

The Live Steam locomotive manufacturers like Roundhouse and Accucraft have in no small measure helped to increase awareness of British Outline and GRS has never been slow to offer the thrill of real steam to those who wish to have a ‘real hands’ on experience and get their hands dirty!

In the Buildings department, we offer a large range of weatherproof resin building kits including several sizes and types of station,  goods shed, signal boxes, loco sheds, water tower and water columns, permanent way huts, diesel depot, terraced cottages, church, pub and shops.

Garden railway infrastructure is manufactured in concrete and metal to produce girder bridges, tunnel mouths, viaducts, platforms and retaining walls.  For obvious reasons, concrete products have to be collected from our shop in Princes Risborough, or from exhibitions that we attend, by prior arrangement.

For those who like ‘to do their own thing’ GRS have a myriad of castings and assemblies from our own kits, which are available separately. If you can’t see what you want on our website just email us or give us a call.

About 20 years ago GRS made the decision to start manufacturing Gauge 3, which had lain dormant as a model railway scale for around a hundred years. Over the last thirty odd years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the larger model railway scales. Customers had also been asking about the possibility of standard gauge G scale. This just happens to be the same scale as Gauge 3. Hence our decision to start production.

We now produce a flexi track system with ready built pointwork for the gauge and a range of fifteen locomotive and fifty rolling stock kits. The locomotives include live steam and electric examples.

For many years garden railways have been operated by radio links. Today is no different, but the systems are considerably more sophisticated, covering both digital and analogue types. GRS offers help and guidance on the purchasing of these products from the main suppliers. For those requiring battery traction, we can offer products and advice on various systems. Because of our extensive range of kits, GRS has for many years manufactured is own range of waterslide transfers, covering all the major prototypes and freelance versions as well.

For the beginner we suggest you purchase a copy of ‘Railways from the ground up’ which tells you all you need to know to get started This book is a beginners manual showing you how to go about building a garden railway. To go with this book, we have several DVD’s professionally made hour long programmes, which set out to show you the many different types of garden railways, and are great for ideas and getting the imagination working. Also if you purchase a ‘ground up’ book and DVD together they come at a special discounted price!

Pay us a visit and you will be most welcome.

You will not be disappointed!

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