New high-tech product range from Train-Tech

A new UK-designed and built range of products aiming at bringing yet more realism to layouts has just been announced by Train-Tech.

A ‘Smart Screen’ system enables miniature working animated screens to be triggered by a range of inputs including switches, DCC commands and even track sensors, that can be used to show different screens as trains pass over them, or different messages for different platforms. 

‘Smart Screens’ can also be fitted inside modern-image trains and multiple units to show destinations and stopping points, and can even change destinations automatically. They can also be used on roads, buses and at sports stadia. The small module has everything built inside so that the buyer need only connect two wires to DC or DCC power to make things come alive. 

Train-Tech’s ‘Smart Screen’ can be used as an active station indicator like the one shown here announcing the approach of a Norwich train.

They cost £50 each or £90 for a twin pack, with station platform housing sets for £10. 

SR1 ‘Sound Track’ is an easy-to-use, low-cost portable sound recorder enabling enthusiasts to record railway sounds, take them home and then play them back automatically on their layouts.

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