What’s in the Shops: Farish six-car set in ‘Western Pullman’ guise

Graham Farish has reissued its popular ‘Midland Pullman’ set in the reverse livery of its final service on the Western Region. Nigel Burkin examines it in detail.

The popular N-gauge six-car ‘Midland Pullman’ set by Graham Farish has reappeared in the BR ‘Corporate’ livery of rail blue and grey in what was to be its last form before withdrawal in 1973.  

Two six-car sets were built for the daily Manchester-St Pancras service, but these were subsequently transferred to the Western Region to strengthen its fleet of eight-car sets around 1967, when completion of West Coast Main Line electrification to Manchester saw the introduction of a faster electric Pullman service. 

Each ‘Midland Pullman’ set was formed of two half sets in effect, consisting of a Driving Motor Brake First, Motor Trailer First Kitchen and Trailer First coupled back to back.

Each power car is fitted with a single drive bogie with a coreless motor. Instructions caution the modeller about the type of controller to use with the model, and not to operate it on a DCC layout without decoders. The power cars are labelled as coach A and coach F.

The model represents the first of the two six-car sets numbered W60090, W60730, W60740, W60741, W60731 and W60091.

The coach letters A to F also correspond with the number formation. 

All the Pullman sets were overhauled between 1967 and 1970, being repainted in BR ‘Corporate’ livery, and equipment for multiple working was fitted to the former Midland units, allowing 12-car trains to be operated.

Originally they were fitted out with first-class accommodation, which was partially declassified to second class by the Western Region. 

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