Drummond K10 ‘Small Hopper’ is on the way from OO Works

Model manufacturer OO Works is following its production of the London & South Western Railway’s large Drummond D15 4-4-0 with a model of the same designer’s small K10 4-4-0s which were nicknamed ‘Small Hoppers’.

A batch of 40 K10s was built at Elms Works between 1901 and 1902 for mixed traffic work, and because of their intended short journeys were paired mainly with six-wheel tenders, although some were fitted with the larger eight-wheel water cart tenders.

A fine new model in the making from OO Works — the Drummond ‘Small Hopper’ K10 4-4-0.

In 1925, 10 such locomotives based at Gillingham were fitted with stovepipe chimneys for use on the Eastern Section, and from 1940 they started to lose their smokebox wing plates. In 1941, five K10s were loaned to the London Midland & Scottish Railway to work mainly from Bristol and Gloucester and on the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway.

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