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‘Black Five on The Jacobite’ Souvenir DVD & Blu-Ray

“When I first rode on The Jacobite Steam Train back in 2006, even the rain couldn’t spoil my enjoyment. But when it came to buying a DVD of the journey, there wasn’t one to be found. At least, not one I was aware of, and not one that used the same engine, taken from the trackside, as a single journey.

“With the world now embracing Hi-Definition, I decided to film my own trackside video. The engine in question was Black Five No.45407, ‘The Lancashire Fusilier’, and I returned to film again the following year. Fortunately for me, the weather remained glorious, allowing the footage to blend seamlessly.

“As the journey began to piece together, a sudden thought occurred to me. If I’d always wanted a souvenir of the journey, then maybe others would, too. And so, with that in mind, ‘Black Five on the Jacobite’ was born.

“Now I admit, it doesn’t cover every single minute of the journey – that’s a project for another day.   But it is, I think, as comprehensive as any video out there today.   And for those of you who go on to buy the DVD, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.”

Prices:   DVD £11.99   Blu-Ray £15.99

‘Steam-in-the-Smokebox’ Mainline Steam 2016 DVD

Steam-in-the-Smokebox’ Mainline Steam 2016 is the first of our annual DVD’s featuring the best of Steam on the British mainline. Available to buy on DVD or Blu-Ray, the video is captioned/without commentary, and split into four sections. The locomotives featured in this DVD are:

Class A1 No. 60163, ‘Tornado
Class A3 No. 60103, ‘Flying Scotsman’
LMS Black Five No. 44871
LMS Black Five No. 45407, ‘The Lancashire Fusilier’
LMS Jubilee No. 45690, ‘Leander’
LMS Jubilee No. 45699, ‘Galatea’
Royal Scot Class No. 46100, ‘Royal Scot’
Royal Scot Class No. 46115, ‘Scots Guardsman’
LMS Coronation Class No. 46233, ‘Duchess of Sutherland’
K1 No. 62005, ‘Lord of the Isles’

Prices:   DVD £13.99   Blu-Ray £16.99

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