20-year-old mill kit a credit to Metcalfe Models

The November issue of RMM was another enjoyable read, with a good format and some great articles.

May I point out, though, that the South Eastern & Chatham Railway ‘H’ Class tank locomotive seen in pristine condition at the 2017 Warley Show is a Bluebell Railway engine in working order, and not an NRM exhibit?

Lance Allen’s nicely modified Metcalfe mill buildings haven’t warped or faded in 20 years.

Your profile of Metcalfe Models was fascinating. Their card kits can be very long-lived, as evidenced by the attached picture of their old mill buildings which have been resident on my ‘Mallerstang Junction’ line for more than 20 years without warping or fading. The model has been ‘customised’ with details as shown.

Keep up the excellent work.

Lance Allen,
Findon Valley, West Sussex

Thank you for the correction, Lance, and Nick and Judy Metcalfe will be really chuffed at the longevity of their kit. Ed

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