Parcels train coach mystery

In last month’s ‘Wish List’ feature I was very interested to see the picture of No. D604 Cossack approaching Brunel’s Saltash Bridge with a westbound parcels train in 1965, but was at a loss to identify the leading coach beyond it, being no Western Region one that I could recognise.

This memorable Mortons Archive picture of No. D604 Cossack, one of the very small and short-lived class of North British A1A-A1A ‘Warship’ diesel-hydraulics, gave a tantalising glimpse of the first coach of its parcels train — but can anyone identify it?

I’m modelling traffic going through Plymouth in the early to mid-1960s, and would appreciate any identification of this coach by readers.

Charley Johnston,

If any reader can help with the identification, we’ll be happy to pass it on to Charley, but is there perhaps some confusion caused by what the carriage
is actually passing?

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