More Sentinels for the record

I enjoyed Ian Lamb’s piece about Sentinels (RMM September), and would like to add that the LMS also had some of these machines. Nos. 7160 to 7163, built in 1930, were two-speed like the LNER’s Y4s.

Renumbered 7180 to 7183 in postwar LMS use, all passed into BR as Nos. 47180 to 47183, and were withdrawn and scrapped between 1953 and 1956.

No. 7164, built in 1931, was of a smaller single-speed design. It became BR No. 47184 and was scrapped in 1955. A similar locomotive named Ann went into industrial use and is preserved at the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway.

Several years after the formation of British Railways, Sentinel Y1 0-4-0T still carried its LNER number 8138 and abbreviated wartime ‘NE’ initials. It was pictured shunting in Kelso goods yard. The little engine, introduced in 1925, weighed less than 21 tons.

Nos. 7190 and 7191, built in 1929, were inherited by the LMS from the Somerset & Dorset, and again both passed into BR ownership before
No. 7190 was scrapped in 1961 and 7191 in 1959. A similar machine, Croydon Gasworks No. 37 Joyce, is preserved at the Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust.

Finally, No. 7192, built in 1934, was a four-cylinder compound Sentinel and evidently not a success, as an order for a further loco was cancelled. No. 7192 was scrapped in 1943. Hope this is useful.

Ian Barker,

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