The mind’s eye – where it all begins

Pete Kelly brings the latest on RMM’s project scenic N-gauge layout, St ‘Ann’s Cove’.

Any model railway layout begins with a picture in the mind’s eye that quickly becomes a sketch before the magic disappears – and a dear friend, talented craftswoman and scenic modeller, who just happens to be called Ann, drew the accompanying picture of what we’d like RMM’s project N-gauge layout ‘St Ann’s Cove’ to look like.

If RMM’s finished N-gauge layout turns out looking remotely like Ann’s vision, it will be a cracker!

It was intended originally to be a straight 8ft x 4ft layout, and the baseboard was made up accordingly – then we realised that the harbour, cove and beach would require a small extension baseboard set at a lower level to allow the line, which emerges from one tunnel, runs along a straight section and then plunges into another tunnel (the only part of the working layout that viewers will actually see) to run behind a defensive sea wall above the beach.

…and here’s one that Petite Properties finished earlier!

As can be seen from the picture, a small river will flow down the hill, widening as it passes beneath road and railway bridges to join the waters of the harbour.

The lower baseboard on which the beach and harbour will be modelled was completed on Monday, August 13, and the double Kato track will run behind the back board where the controls and fiddle yard will be out of sight.

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