Layouts we Love: Marklin masterpiece on the Isle of Wight

Di Holbrook tells about the continental model railway on the Isle of Wight whose Marklin trains cover the scale distance from Portsmouth to Edinburgh on every day of operation.

We purchased our Fort Victoria Model Railway at Westhill Lane, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight PO41 0RR, 13 years ago. It had been built by David Shirley, who wanted to have the largest model railway open to the public and run by computer in the UK, and after he achieved this, he sold it to us.

Despite having no experience of model railways, we took the whole thing apart and more than 850ft of metal stud track came home with us for a thorough cleaning and drying before we redesigned the layout, and we soon realised that the Marklin models were the ones to continue using.

A Marklin Rheingold DR G Class 18.4 and Swiss Railway SBB Class RE4/4 come together in this neat but busy continental station scene at the Fort Victoria Model Railway on the Isle of Wight.

Originally the layout had been very Germanic, but we decided to make it more continental.

To change the track, points, rolling stock and so on would have cost an astronomical figure, so we decided to use the materials we had to hand, and Marklin came up trumps.

Our trains are now running daily, covering the same scale distance as from Portsmouth to Edinburgh – and on such small wheels too!

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