From dolls’ houses to model railway building kits…

Pete Kelly visits Bumble Bee Cottages in Metheringham, Lincolnshire, to learn how making dolls’ houses at a kitchen table grew into a multi-gauge building kit firm encompassing the world of model railways.

Flower Pot Cottage, Blackberry Farm, Rosebud Cottage, Little Acorns School, Teacup Cottages, The Blacksmith’s Arms, Parsnip Cottage, Larchbury Lodge, Washtub Cottage…

Bea Broadwood’s imagination at its best can be seen in this whimsical row of medieval buildings — which also demonstrates her extraordinary finishing skills.

What attractive names for the delightful range of N, OO and O-scale model building kits produced by Petite Properties of Metheringham, Lincolnshire, transporting us back to a world of rose-covered cottages and garden paths bordered by hollyhock, lavender and sweet William; a world in which time passes slowly, when the most intrusive sounds on a warm summer’s day might be the droning of insects as they go about their vital work or the clattering of the postman’s bicycle over the cobbles as he delivers the mail – and always finds time for a chat by the garden gate; a world in which old men dream of days gone by over a pipe and a pint of mild at the Blacksmith’s Arms…

Petite Properties’ own brick paper has been applied to this row of four houses.

Let’s stop there, for I can feel myself becoming quite carried away!

The family business of Petite Properties Ltd was founded by Bea Broadwood back in 2003, when she started making dolls’ house buildings at her kitchen table. Working initially in 1:24 scale, she extended her journey into the miniature world by making ‘one-off’ bespoke
houses, cottages and shops to sell online.

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