Wartime wagons for continental modellers

Continental modelling hasn’t really been touched upon by RMM, but the new N-gauge Omm 34/Ommu 44 freight wagons by Germany’s Modellbahn Union are significant because of the historical interest of the full-sized versions that were produced during the Second World War, when the lack of resources led to a rethinking of freight wagon design.

The new Modellbahn Union N-gauge freight wagons are good news for continental modellers in N gauge.

In order to limit the use of steel, the 1940-developed Ommu Klagenfurt showed many differences from older types. The supports below the doors were removed, and a bar was added to the body over the doors (made of wood to save material) for stability.

The wagons were built in Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, and of the 23,000 built in 1945, about 8000 passed to the DB, where they became type Omm 34. Other cars went to the DR as Ommu 44.

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