Coming up in the March 2018 issue: The Biggest Little Railway in the World: your thoughts

Dear RMM

Where on earth did the makers of The Biggest Little Railway in the World find such a gang of lazy, ill-educated pseudo rail enthusiasts? I could have organised it better blindfolded. It is no wonder that society at large views us as anoraks when a pitiful programme such as this is aired.

As is always the case, let television loose on ANY subject and they cannot help themselves but turn it into a programme aimed at the weakest link. Endless references to anoraks, Thomas, and toy trains wipes out in an instant any attempt at a serious project, which it had to have been in the beginning.

Such an undertaking should NEVER have been so underestimated as to its achievability. A more serious and skilled approach should have been taken, fronted by someone of proven ability to lead and direct. It let us down so badly, I could have wept for the thousands of us who long to be taken seriously.

Walk up ANY high street in Britain today and say the words ‘trainspotters’ or ‘model railways’ and carefully watch what happens. I guarantee the first reaction will be a smile which is quickly followed by a giggle before any further enquiry.

Not so in Europe or the USA where our hobby is viewed as no different to any other pastime and is taken seriously by all who come into contact with it.

Peter Blencoe, via email.

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